Noodles the Friendly Cat - Interview with ShirtsATM

Noodles the Friendly Cat Interview

Here at we had the pleasure of having an interview with Rebecca Salinas, one of the amazing people behind the friendly cat that's impossible not to love.. Noodles! With a presence on just about every social media platform and who is also known for his memes.
If you don't know Noodles, you've probably seen him once or twice. Noodles is that fluffy lovable cat with the adorably vacant stare that you could watch on repeat. Noodles isn't the only star though! He is also accompanied by his brothers Atlas, Haku and Squid. Haku and Squid are the two known as the noodling's because they look like Noodles split into two different cats.
All you need is Noodle the Friendly CatRebecca first got Atlas in 2018, then met Noodles through his dad, also known as Noodles dad, in 2019. They are now all living together and have added to the furry family since then with Haku and Squid. All of them have their own quirks and personalities. Rebecca draws most of her inspiration for her art. She believes, in her own words "Paintings will last a really long time, past all their lives. So I think it's a good way to capture how well cared for these cats are in this period".
Rebecca is always analyzing the behavior and expressions of her cats and very good at paying attention to the little guys and their needs. And utilizing these skills, helps her be able to capture the best expressions of not only Noodles, Atlas and the gang, but other peoples pets as well! She really strives to bring "A little bit of joy" in all of her paintings of others pets, and her dedication is nothing short of admirable.
Rebecca likes to focus on the expressions to show that all cats have emotion if you look hard enough. You can even send in some silly pictures of your pets for Rebecca to paint them into her group paintings as well! Though according to Rebecca submissions are pretty full at the moment. Rebecca is constantly reaching out to all her's and Noodle's fans through social media, email, and even her own discord server! Safe to say she cares for the Noodles community, just as much as she cares for Noodles and the gang.
Noodles supposedly took off through a Facebook post, and not only did people like it, they loved it! So Rebecca just kept going and all the content just gets better and more wholesome.
You can find all her immaculate paintings at, to say its good work would be an understatement. Her paintings show not only extreme talent, but also what life is like living with Noodles, Atlas, and the Noodlings.
Noodles the Friendly Cat MerchRebecca also earned an associates and bachelors degree in studio art and even won 1st place award for "best in show" with the picture "Hiding in my Kitchen" at the Orlando Art Museum of art in October 2020. All of these amazing paintings can be found on her website and you can even subscribe to Noodles on patron and receive monthly "Noodles Mail", containing extraordinary merch like stickers, magnets, coasters, air fresheners, key chains, greeting cards, and more. You can find her link here for more information on noodle mail!
You can also find more Noodles merch from Rebecca off Etsy like shirts, paintings, and even puzzles! For even more Noodles content you can follow Rebecca at on Facebook and Instagram and for Noodles just go to @friendly.noodles on Instagram, You can also find Noodles, Atlas, Haku, and Squid on Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, Youtube, and tik tok as well. It was an honor to meet Noodles and the awesome person behind the scenes, Rebecca. All of us over here at can say we are all definitely huge Noodles fans now.